Monday, June 4, 2012

I ~~ ' ~~ M BAAA - CK !!!!

YESSSSSS!  The computer works great; all the files and data was saved off the old drive and installed on the new hard drive and Hubby found it for me...  My Sailor story is SAVED and can resume tomorrow on schedule after a week of delay.

I have not been totally idle, I have some interesting pics for you today...

spiderlings newly hatched on side of wall
Newly Hatched Spiderlings! 

These tiny guys (and girls) graced the side paneling of my door not a few days ago. I'm sure the proud 'mom' was not far off. One or two did venture into the house but I think the majority are staying in the wall and door frame.

spiderlings in door jam
Baby Spiders residing in the door frame. Looks roomy in there!    

two cats outside

Just the tale end of May, on the first decently nice summery day we've had on the island, my cats were enjoying the warm sunshine as much as I was. 

Here is Winston watching Sassy roll on the warm, cracked paving. 
four outdoor cats

And here is Sassy, still rolling on the paving with Winston walking past, Emerald is in front of the van doing the same as Sassy with a black barn cat looking on...

Here's a sequence of my cats and a black barn cat playing around the tree...
cat playing around bush
 Winston sneaks through one side, while...
black cat in bush

the barn cat peers around the bush!
two cats in a bush

Winston and the black cat playing hide and seek!

cat in a bush
Sassy can't resist finding out what's going on
Hope you enjoyed these. Things will not get back to normal with the computer back on its desktop.


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