Monday, December 17, 2012


On December 14, 2012 at approximately 2:34 pm, we think a crime was committed deep inside the dresser cabinet in the bedroom of the inhabitants of an obscure house on Prince Edward Island. The nature of this alleged crime is the disappearance of one ~ ~ 'Sassy', an orange and white spayed female cat, weight 2 pounds with semi-white paws; approximately 5 years old who went missing from the dresser cabinet soon after the washing was put away. 
The names presented in this investigation are 'real' as there seemed no reason to conceal them.
This is their story: 
Sassy in the dresser cabinet
December 14th, 2012 Sassy was last seen inside and behind the  dresser cabinet
Molly and Emerald go into the dresser cabinet
Officers Molly and Emerald are called in to investigate Sassy's presence in the dresser cabinet!
A full~scale, all~out investigation is launched with Officers Molly and Emerald of the Catspaw Squad; they pursue their investigation of the seemingly and perhaps, 'empty'  dresser cabinet!!
Emerald and Molly investigate the dresser cabinet further
Is there a culprit/victim in there or not?
Peering deep into the secret recesses of the dresser cabinet, Officers Emerald and Molly are on the job... but who was in there and where is she now???
Emerald in the dresser cabinet
Sassy has ~~~ VANISHED! 
Officer Emerald goes in while Officer Molly stands ready to 'pounce' on the ~~ 'suspect'???

Later on, that night ---
Coon cat snoozes beside dresser cabinet
Coon-Cat?  What are 'you' doing here? 
Coony, a former friend of Sassy, goes for a hidden snooze at the foot of the dresser cabinet after causing a blatant raucous around the Christmas tree and getting herself in trouble.
Winston sleeps in the dresser cabinet
Winston?  Is that you?  Are you still conscious or should I call 911? 
Sergeant Winston appears to be sleeping on the job! He was left to guard any evidence that might lead to a successful conclusion to this case. To date, no one has explained Sassy's sudden and mysterious disappearance from the dresser cabinet!! 

The case remains unsolved and under further investigation. If anyone, out there in Blogland, has information crucial to this case please contact Officers Molly and Emerald immediately at the Catspaw Station by leaving a comment in the comment box below this blog. They will get right on it!



  1. Did they kill another poor mouse? Lol, where is a good Chinese Restaurant when one wants one?? Kidding! Winks at his Cos. chuckles!

    Fred Bond

  2. All comments from Fred Bond, my cousin, are done by me and posted from what he said on Google Plus


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