Friday, December 14, 2012


Is anyone a walking disaster in the kitchen when it comes to breads and pie crusts?   

Besides me, I mean!   

Not a month ago I came across a recipe for pie crust that; well, WORKS and I've been using it ever since for quiches, pies and anything else that requires crust.

Seems I can get the ingredients right ~ perfect, actually, though when it comes to the correct amount of kneading - well, that's another matter altogether. I love this recipe because its not only simplicity itself but its also idiot proof and you get to use a food processor to do all the work for you!
homemade pie crust in pie plate
This from someone who is worse than all thumbs when it comes to making an edible pie crust  !!!
homemade pie crust edging
I fold the dough in so its thicker on the top and I can make a nice edging
Pie Crust
1-1/2 c Flour
2 tbsp Sugar
1/6 c COLD Shortening = 2 tbsp + 2 tsp
1/3 c COLD Butter
1/4 c COLD Water
1.  Toss the flour, sugar and cold shortening in the processor for 15 seconds
2.  Add the cold butter and mix a few more seconds
3.  Dribble in the water as you are mixing in the butter  
homemade pie crust ingredients in a food processor
All ingredients added makes for a crumbly dough...
4.  Turn out onto a lightly floured plastic board (they are flexible and easier to maneuver the dough without breaking it), put together into a ball and roll out                                                               
homemade crumbly pie dough ready to be rolled
homemad ball of pie dough
homemad and rolled out pie crust on plastic boardIt doesn't look like it but it goes together quite easily. 

5.  Turn plastic board and dough over pie plate, carefully place dough.

rolled out homemade pie crust placed over pie plate
This is how easy it is to place the dough in the plate using a flexible plastic board
6.  Cut off excess, form crust; put into Ziploc bag and chill 30 minutes
homemade pie dough in pie plate
After I trim, I fold the rest under and use a fork to complete the edging.
homemade pie crust in pie plate, in plastic bag to chill
Into a plastic bag to be chilled in the fridge until the filling is ready to be poured
7.  Pour in filling if its for quiche, lemon/lime or pumpkin pie and bake at 350 for an hour.
pie filling poured into homemade pie crust

Special Note     (you knew this was coming, right):
When baking the crust prior to adding filling, leave more dough around the edge as it will shrink when baked. 
perfect homemade pumpkin pie
End result: a Wonderful and Edible Pumpkin Pie!
I always keep a shortening and a butter in the fridge along with a jug of water. The colder these particular ingredients are, the better the recipe works because the shortening and butter have different melting points.

Just in time for the Holiday Baking to start, a 'THANK YOU' to all my loyal readers, from...




  1. Good now just how soon can I expect that perfect pie me loves blueberry and apple pie winks!

    Fred Bond

  2. Sometime this week - is that good for you?

  3. Aye, indeed; hugs cos, will be looking forward to it... winks

    Fred Bond


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