Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was a busy little bee on Doomsday, just past. 

I left early to do my round of banking and errands, which included a tad of shopping ~ last minute essentials.... 

Once home, I scanned some pictures and edited them for use in future blogs, then made a nice lunch for my husband when he came in at noon. Played door person for the rather constant parade of cats, mine and the dairy cats, in and out of the house all day.

After that I was on FB for awhile and took one phone call from an acquaintance of my husbands. 

Late PM I started making the dough for Banana Cinnamon Buns and put the dough to rise in the oven with the light turned on. I doubled the amount of filling...
homemade cinnamon buns
Double the amount of filling for maximum sweetness
This is an easy recipe using a nice batter dough that always turns out nice and uses up over-ripe bananas so they don't have to be thrown out.

Started supper round 6:30 pm as Merrill rarely gets in before 7:20; by the time he got in I was ready to roll the dough out, fill and cut it for its second rising. 
Guys cutting wood
The guys cutting logs for wood burners and loading the truck. Note the amount of snow we have....
Watched the third movie of Harry Potter with supper ~~ while Merrill went to bed, I was up until well after 10 pm baking my buns!

Still, no end-of-the-world came or went... it was a quiet day, more or less. 

Woke today to wind and rain! No snow for Christmas! Ok by me.  

And that ~*~ was my Doomsday!



  1. Busy girl! Those cinnamon buns look delicious. Is it a secret recipe?

  2. Nope, I'll give the recipe in today's blog.


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