Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cat Collar With Bell Antics

Since I am planning to get some cat collars with bells for my cats this spring, if it ever comes, I have a few recent pics to share on their recent antics... 

four cats in sunshine
What is it with cats and sunshine? Can you see all four of my cats?
Emerald is the one actually 'in' the sunshine on almost the only day that we had sun and blue sky. It was great, during these two days most of the snow melted and the promise of Spring was in the air. I live on an island in the Atlantic so I know better than to trust that!

Cat on porch
Story Alert! - I had to kick Winston outside on our last day of decent spring weather...
He's checking for dogs.

A week ago a pair of dogs from up the road 'visited'. Winston didn't care to get further acquainted so he high-tailed it into the shed on the dairy and flatly refused to come out, even after the dogs left. That meant my hubby had to go looking for him and that's the only reason he came in. Since then, Winny hasn't wanted to venture outdoors. CATS!

sleepy cat
I think Emerald is smiling here, but I can't be sure. She could just be miffed to wake from her nap to find a camera in her face!

Cat in cat tree with full moon
Now this is Prime!!
This improvised cat tree has been here a month and its the first time Sassy has ventured onto it - it met with her approval.

The light behind her is the full moon.

cats eyes
Here you can appreciate the reason why, in medieval times, people believed that cats were reciprocals for devils. Check out Molly's eyes! If you were totally uneducated, lived in squaller and rampant poverty and were only able to hear God's word in Latin; how would you react if this suddenly jumped on your window sill?

Isn't education and science a wonderful thing!


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