Friday, November 30, 2012

Storytelling With Cats and Other Stories

Its hard to believe that I've just spent the entire day editing most of the over 1500 pictures from my camera - once I got everything downloaded that is and I still have a 'small' ton to do yet and these were just specific pics that I plan to use in my blogs. 

Uggggh! I can't SIT for that long!!!

I decided on two categories: Storytelling with Cats - this will be about my cats, the farm cats and any other cats that 'visit' and Other Stories, will consist of non-cat tails (excuse the pun). 

I will be working on the first of the stories, in both categories, over the weekend to have some items to start posting within the week. But I will leave you with this...

Tabby politely waiting to be noticed
My name is Coony, short for Coon-Cat

Coony is the eldest of the dairy cats, some twelve years young. She is 'happily' spayed and mostly a housecat. She demands attention by politely asking, using her paws and meowing constantly in a bid to be noticed. If ignored, she takes steps to avoid the busyness that overtakes our lives; immediately, leaving you in no doubt that she is asking for your attentiveness towards her. 
Actually she's a bit of a klutz, she jumps on items and basically crashes into the rest in her bliss of attention. 

She has 'other' habits, like this one:
Cat opens door to cupboard
She decided to get my attention by exploring my baking cupboard while she waited for me to notice her
She, like every other cat, knows how much trouble she'll be in but, wait till you see the next snap;

Cat in the cupboard
 Now, isn't this just too precious???

Yes, of course, she got in trouble but just enough to let her know what's out of bounds to her. By the way, she opened the cupboard door herself... 
She's non-stop chatty and snores when she sleeps! I'm serious!



  1. Looks like she is very carefully looking over those "Did Mom buy the right stuff for treats?

  2. She couldn't quite find the right place where I keep them so she went on an exploration of the cupboards.


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