Sunday, December 9, 2012


A friend of mine, who has her own blog, has already sent out 63 Christmas Cards! The only difference between hers and the ones I will be sending is that she made them all herself. 

This is a site to check out if you would like to see what can be done and what crafting and stamping cards is all about. 

wreath on brick wall inside christmas card

wreath on brick wall christmas card
"This card took me a few hours to make. First, I had to pick out the colors I wanted, design the background of the brick wall then do the wreath, I know I'm not the only crafter/stamper out there that spends hours on a card." (quote from Tammy Downey)

If you like that card, here are a few more of her latest creations ~ over this weekend ~
kids button buddies christmas card
This card was made by her 9 year old daughter using 'Notes with Envelopes along with the Button Buddies kit'...
no peeking kit christmas cards
And these are 'Tammy's first go around with the NO PEEKING stamp set.'

What's in a card these days?  Considering what you pay for cards and you never stop at one, even at the dollar store; it just might be worth checking out her site and ordering a kit or two that will cover the cards you will need for every occasion in the coming New Year. Or, give a kit as a gift to a friend, neighbor or family member who is into crafts. Better yet, try it yourself and treat yourself to a kit

I doubt I have a 'crafty' bone in my body but this year I'm going to make some Holiday decorations ~ who knows, if this takes and I find I enjoy it, I'll have a new hobby in 2013; maybe one that could lead to some cash...  

Here are some more of the cards she's created. Intrigued by Vintage? Take a gander at these, you can't get these at any store that I know of...
vintage faux frame thank you card
                   Thank You Card in a new technique called
                      Faux Frame, adding a vintage feel to it.
vintage masculine birthday card for the guys

Vintage and a bit of technique leads to a gorgeous and very masculine birthday card that any man would appreciate.
vintage feminine birthday card for us girls

Here is the feminine version. Both these cards were created using sponging, embossing and watercolor techniques.

I don't know about you but I can usually, after more than one store and a whole lot of searching, find a suitable card for the female members of my family and friends, but when it comes to men...  Frankly, there just isn't much out there that's suitable. The main thing I dislike above all others is the fact that the store bought cards always have some sappy sentiment written in them that almost always is unsuitable even if I like the card. 

Yes, you can get cards that are blank but they are less then attractive on the cover more times than not. Check out her sites, Tammy has two of them and both are on the right side of my blog. There's Stampin' Up to order the kits at and Tammy Downey's Blog "Love To Create" to see the cards she has created and the latest information about how to create them.

Hey, if I can do this, so can you! 




  1. Very nice. I agree sometimes you can find a card with a pretty outside but don't like the inside, and sometimes you like the inside but not the outside.

  2. Have you checked out Tammy's site yet? She posts everyday.

    1. I did check her site out but I'll have to go visit more often. I think I'll have to add it to my sidebar of favorite blogs to go visit.

  3. I usually take a look at least once a day, today Tammy has CAMPING CARDS! They are really nice...


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