Monday, March 12, 2012

Cat Muse

I decided to start a blog that was about cats, everything cat, in fact because I have four and was raised with them for as long as I can remember. Cats and their mews seemed to me appropriate and in a way they are my muses. Cat collar with bell was suggested to me so I incorporated it into the name of my blog and it finally evolved and became cat collar with bell, cats and their So Stephanie Stewart's blog changed yet again. Bare with me I'm new at this. 

cat under rug
Do I LOOK Impressed to you??
I enjoyed researching and writing the Fort Mcallister Tom Cat blog. It was a pretty fascinating history. I could only imagine the battle and Tom Cat tearing across the mounds that the men lived inside of, underground no less; as the bullets and cannon balls flew. Many times, while I'm working on a blog, one muse in particular, a female; she would jealously watch as I sat typing out something about cats spring flowers or some such thing. I have done so many things with cats as a child and have learned something from them each and every time. I must be the only blogger that re-reads my own blogs from way back when I first started, just to remember the neat stories I have shared with you along the way and to be reminded that each of my muses are unique and different. I wonder sometimes while watching them play, do cats enjoy their bell on collar?

Cat wear cat collar with bell
What a pretty Cat Collar With Bell !
I hope you have enjoyed and found some value in what I have shared with you so far. I am very open to suggestions of what you would like me to talk about. This particular blog incorporates some of the keyword searches my blog has been found by so far. 


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