Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't ~~~

The town sloped down the hillside and sat in a lurid mixture of moonlight and town lamps. Many of the windows were lit from within and cast yellow pools just outside on the cobblestones. A small wharf opened itself to the sea in the middle of town.

On the darkest of nights the patchwork buildings became indistinct shadows so it was only by day could you appreciate the pretty village with its different colored and shaped buildings, some of which operated as both residence and shop for many of the denizens. 
As he neared an unlit house Sailor could hear other night wandering felines making their own rounds of the village. He waited till they past his hiding place before quickly moving down the wet road to the local fish monger shop. If you arrived in time, there was always something to be had that would quiet the noises in your belly. After a quick meal gained from a recent gutting bucket that had been left out for the night, Sailor continued his way through town till he reached the harbor.


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