Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cat Collar With Bell

Cat Collar With Bell ~~ I could compose a little ditty here but you wouldn't be able to hear it.

I was in the dollarama store and I found... WAIT FOR IT! 
YES, cat collars with bells! How... did you guess?

This is the order they went in...

four cat collars with bells
You have to excuse Emerald's name, the paper towel was wet. 

Once the first jingle was heard, the jig was up!  The cats suspected something nefarious was going on - they were possibly right!

I caught drama queen Molly unawares! She'd had a collar 4 years and just looked at me expectantly. She did not attempt to make a scene.

cat wearing collar with bell
To her went the GOLD bell

A confused Winston came next. I'm afraid he reacted rather oddly. He couldn't figure out where all these bells were coming from! He did a dance around the living room; round and round he went, trying to shake them off...

The RED bell was awarded to him
Eventually he calmed down but still could not solve the mystery of the source of the bells in his ears...

Would the mystery ever be solved?

Emerald watched this scene with growing apprehension of the plot that was afoot. She made a dive for the sofa, but I caught her mid-jump and put a collar on her. 

long haired cat
She received the GREEN bell for bravery and sort of patience
Emerald - how appropriate that she got the green bell - had a growling fit with her collar until she realized it was harmless and within a hour of tearing around the house to escape it, accepted it.

So Sassy's turn came next. She accepted the noisy thing with the dignity befitting a proper matron. She sat and glowered at the stray that was in the house, but then, she always glowers at the strays that come in the house...

orange cat
The PURPLE bell was given to Sassycat

These cat collar with bell are all breakaways and safe for the cats and the birds they stalk. Over the years that I have had cats, cat collars with bells have never presented a problem, for the cats or for us and after they get used to them, I've noticed that they don't seem to hear the bell anymore, but I do and that helps me to know where they are and what they're up to. I would never use these cat collar with bell if I did not believe them perfectly safe for my cats.

Both Molly and Sassy, who are veterans of cat collars with bells, are already used to them and spend their time as if they weren't wearing them. Emerald and Winston are, on the second day, more acquainted with them now so their has been no further dances in the living room or growly fits of tearing about the house. All is almost quiet on the homefront.


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