Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stray Cat Strut ~ Again.

just found and rescued kitten
The little dark tabby kitten who came in on the 29th out of hunger and desperation.
I posted an ad on Kijiji for the kittens; 174 visits and one call came so far. Not everyone is looking for kittens! My hubby found a third kitten in the barn hayloft very early this morning and brought her to me. She is light grey like the other. I should mention here that these are no ordinary cats. They have unusually long legs and very large ears. In fact they almost look part jack-rabbit. They are not deformed in any way and look perfectly normal for cats but they are quite unusual. So much so, that I am having difficulty finding a breed like them on the web and both my husband and I have searched. I am going  to edit my Kijiji ad and add this information into it. 

rescued cat in basket
The sibling the dark tabby brought over yesterday. She is not ready to trust people so easily and runs for shelter whenever I move.
They have successfully survived the winter but only just without human intervention. Even the colony cats have to be fed in winter as there is no prey for them to hunt. They are just beginning to come around and trust me but their hesitancy shows they've been hurt and abused. The barn cats, in staking their own territories out, do not want them around and although there is food for the colony cats, they don't share it with these strays. So these three have suffered abuse from there as well. The fact that I can 'feel' their rib cages, back bone and tail bone testifies to that. 

These kittens need homes and they need them now. If you live on Prince Edward Island, Canada and are interested in them, Please contact me by leaving a comment in the box and I will get right back to you. 

rescued cats on chair
Updated today. The grey kitten on the far right is the sibling my husband brought in this morning. She was hidden in the barn hay loft for warmth. He had to crawl in to get her. All three are pictured here.
Don't let their fur fool you, they are skin and bones. Please take a look at my Kijiji Ad using the ID # 367392593.


PS: Merrill just told me the only reason she was found in the hayloft is because she was crying so loudly! Her siblings were gone and she was alone. If they have been eating anything, its to sneak down from the loft and eat barley that that they find on the floor of the barn.

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