Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jaxon ~ The Maltese Pup!

Born in New Brunswick on February 28th in 2007, Jaxon was raised by a breeder of Maltese. Chosen by a family native to Prince Edward Island, they chose him from a litter of six pups because he was a ball of fluff, calmer and according to the kids, cuter than his siblings. He is a fully grown, five year old dog today that has quite a bit going for him! 

He believes himself to be the biggest, baddest, toughest pint-sized pooch in the neighborhood! Very protective of his family and what he considers his personal territory, Jaxon will take on all comers; no matter what the breed or how much they tower over him with a deep and threatening WHOFF. He came fully equipt with a big bark in a small body wrapping... One of Jaxon's favorite games is to scare the birds away from the front windows, like a cat would. Could such a little dog have kangaroo in his genealogy?
Maybe, since he has a gift for leaping and reaching things you would not expect a dog his size to reach, so one never knows about such things. 

Maltese are tiny dogs unless they are vacuumed out, then you see them for what they are ~~ rugs on paws!  
Here are some pic's of Maltese:
Tea Cup Maltese puppy
Tea Cup Maltese Puppy. And you wondered about the name!

Tiny Maltese dog
This Maltese pup is tiny as compared with other dogs. Tiny body, HUGE attitude! 
Makes him or her a wonderful pet.
Some Maltese are show dogs and it seems the breed lends itself well to being vacuumed and brushed out to reach four times their size, as in these pictures:
Show Dog, Maltese Pup
Definitely an 'Awww' picture here! Or is it, 'Oh, P-l-e-a-s-e already!' And are those ears or pigtails?! It truly is a wonder they don't trip, know what I mean?
Maltese running

Maybe if they're moving this fast, it doesn't matter.

Royal Maltese Puppy
Royal Maltese Puppy
I wonder if Prince William and Princess Kate have a Royal Maltese yet? I know they chose a male, black Cocker Spaniel whose name, as of February 3rd, 2012, has not been issued to the world. After all, he is a 'private' Royal pet and they deserve some privacy. It has been given out that the Duke and Duchess chose him from a litter the Duchess's mother, Carole Middleton, breeds. This new dog replaces the Duke William's, Widgeon; a black lab who passed from this life about two years ago.
Royalty, Duke and Duchess, William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess, Prince William and Princess Kate.

Prince William's dog, Widgeon 
Prince William's Labrador, Widgeon

Now this is a beautiful Labrador. You have to love those intense, brown eyes and recognize the intelligence behind them. 

I hope he's in Dog Heaven where he belongs. 

Royal, Cocker Spaniel
Maybe he was the reason the Royal Couple decided on another black dog...

Current Royal couples' black Cocker Spaniel. 
Show Dog, Maltese
You have to admit, the little Maltese is a dog fit for Royalty! Just 'look' at this girl!! She positively shines and she's white to match Kate's dress!

Jaxon, for his lot in life, is one lucky dog to be the favored of this family and he is mightily aware of it. Stop by their house and you'll get a barking to! I am hoping for a picture of Jaxon soon to add to this blog about him. 




  1. Hi,

    What a beautiful dog. You can just see the intelegence in their eyes. A dog to spoil for sure. Your stories are well written and I really enjoy them.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Cathy. I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blogs. I do try hard to make them interesting.


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