Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello and Welcome To My 100th Blog!

Catspaw, a.k.a Stephanie Stewart

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening... all my readers and visitors. This is a very special blog because its my One Hundredth. Since the beginning, when I first started on January 22nd of 2012, I have been mixing things up with a variety of offerings. Most of them are about cats, with a few that are off-topic. So I thought I'd share a little more about who I am and why I'm doing this everyday. I know from cruising the net that not all bloggers post a daily entry; I do because some of my readers have told me they like coming to my blog for that very reason. This blog has also become an important creative venue for me over the past, almost three months, and I enjoy it very much. 

Who I am! I'm a writer and not just any writer. One of my strengths seems to be writing descriptive stories. I say 'seems to be' because I am still exploring my writing style. If you've been following my blogs, I began a story the week before introducing it on February 24th, 2012; Sailor and the Ruined Castle. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I can tell you its worth more than that! The most interesting aspect of this story is its inception, I am writing it based completely on pictures I find on the net. The story writes itself from there. I'm not one of those sit-in-front-of-a-blank-paper writers; I let the picture inspire the story and follow it from there and each picture inspires the direction the story takes. I also have journals that date back to the 1980's, full of stories and poetry that I go back to every now and again. 
Stephanie Stewart, Catspaw

Why do I blog everyday? Its my favorite creative outlet for my story and for everything else I like to share with you, my readers. One reader told me she likes the fact that I post every single day; another said she comes back because there is always new and different content. I like variety myself and loads of pictures so that is what I use for the base of all my blogs. Since I will only settle for original, written~personally~by~me content; while I will take an idea from a different web page I will also rewrite it my own words, keeping the original content and context, intact. I don't mislead my readers and visitors. I also love to hear comments about what I am offering to as to gauge the relevance of my content. 

So, H~A~P~P~Y 100th Blog Anniversary to ME!!

Tabby catI hope you have enjoyed my blogs thus far and will keep returning, especially to follow Sailor in his adventures; which incidentally, is now in the Chapter 2 phase. 

I would like to extend a 'Thank You' to all my faithful readers and new visitors to my blog, I wouldn't continue if I did not have both your interest and your support. I thank you and Sailor thanks you. And Thank you for your comments. 



  1. Congrats, Catspaw, and you 100th blog! Keep it up!


  2. Congratulations! 100 posts in 100 days is awesome!
    My friend at "Its a Beautiful Life" did that and she has a wonderful blog too. You can link to it from my hopefullyminded blog. Blog list list on sidebar.

  3. Thank you both for your comments, I really appreciate the time you take to leave them. Yes, I will link to your site Betty.


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