Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

The week past quietly enough and was filled with fishing boats and days at sea, Sailor was content to visit with the fish mongers and meander through the village thoroughfares; there was even that special trip to the open market that was very interesting. But the very air began to feel different to Sailor and it seemed to signal change, a change he didn't necessarily want. Always now this feeling dogged his steps; almost a part of him now: this nameless apprehension. Something was going to happen and soon! Was it meant for the town or for him? He could not tell because as the week progressed this feeling became like fog, enveloping Sailor, making things unclear and hard to see. It was like being swallowed into something or somewhere... Yes, that was it ~ somewhere. A place, different from here? But 'here' was the only place Sailor knew, the only place that was familiar to him. He was leaving! He felt that too and it frightened him. 


The story gets creepier from here 


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