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Q & A Cat Litters

Here is my Very First Response to my request for Blog Ideas, sent to my Email For Direct Contact address.

This is a Q&A for the following question: I'm asking my Readers and Visitors to Please Participate!!

QWhat type of environmental friendly cat litter have you tried and how has it worked for you?

My A:  I use strictly natural clay or corn-based brands because I have four pretty finicky indoor/outdoor cats. 

Special Kitty Multi-Cat with baking soda is a 18 kg bag of non-clumping litter that has several strikes against for non-clumping, that my cats don't like it, its hard to clean up and there tends to be way too much waste. The clay pieces are way too big.

Special Kitty clumping cat litter

Special Kitty Clumping 11 kg box. Same brand as above but it clumps well, doesn't smell, is easy to clean up and dispose of and my cats like it better.

Purina Kitty Litter Clumping with 50% Baking Soda 14 kg box. Pretty much the same as for the above product though its a name brand so it can be more expensive and I get the same usage as the Special Kitty brand. So, depending on the store and the price, at the time I purchase it, its not easy on my pocketbook.

The biggest plus for the clay based, clumping litters is affordability, usage and easy disposal. Because I can toss it into the green recycle bin and not worry about it again. I can usually get a good usage ratio of 1 box per month, even with four cats because they are outdoors a lot. I empty and clean, then rinse with bleach, both boxes once a month and they are emptied daily.

Purina Maxx scoop cat litter
3 containers of Purina Maxx Scoop cat litter
I have used all three types and like them for their good performance levels
I've tried a product that is not yet ready for market because its still in the development stage so I can't give the name. Its grain based in a 10 L bag. Very economical and again, easy to dispose of but the composition, as it is now, does not make it user friendly for the cats or the people using it. Its too dusty and does not clump well and my cats had a very peculiar reaction to it, because the grain has a weird texture, I'm assuming by their reactions that it didn't feel quite right against their paws.  

Arm & Hammer Essentials natural cat litter
One product I really like and have been using for awhile is Arm & Hammer Essentials in a 4.8 kg bag that they claim does the work of a 9.5 kg box. Its corn fiber based, absorbs odor well, very easy clean up and dispose of but it took my cats some time to get used to it. Once they realized that it was more pleasant than the clay and they liked the texture and smell, they've used it readily and without difficulties. I find it really does do the work of a 9.5 kg box of clay litter. The only problem with it and the clay based ones is the mess...  Unless you've got a closed litter box the stuff gets everywhere! 

But that's a small price to pay for a product that meets my criteria of affordability, usage and disposability.  

What products have you used and how do you like them?  Please email your answers and input to me at Once I receive several answers I will repost the question and a list of the answers I have received from my readers and visitors under a Product Information blog that will be valuable to everyone. 

Please help by sending me an email with the question and your answer. Thank you.


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