Monday, May 7, 2012

~ They Are The Silliest Creatures!!! ~

I came across some of the silliest, most humorous pics when I was surfing, here are a few for your enjoyment and maybe a laugh or two.

dog swimming with tree trunk

Ok, so is this dog trying to impress, just really ambitious or does he/ she take 'fetch' way too seriously?!

Really working that doggy-paddle!
great dane sleeps on sofa

Yes, Great Danes are BIG dogs but what is bigger, their bodies or their legs? At least they know how to sleep comfortably on the sofa without hogging all the room.
dog with braids in fur

'Whose idea was this?' 

Uhh, show dog... or what!  You have to admit, she is cute ~ utterly ridiculous, but cute.
One dog taking another for a run

This is one of my favorites. How many dog owners would not want a dog that does this? I ask you!

And I had to throw this in:

cat holding up its paw


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  1. Those are just too cute! Love them pictures and your comments!


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