Friday, June 22, 2012

Cats ~ How Litttle We Know Them

Tuxedo cat calls a meeting
We all know what to expect when living with a cat, don't we???
Cat sitting on roof
Maybe we missed a few details in our assumptions! Allow me to clarify...
cat sleeping in dish

Don't they just take "what's mine is yours" to the absolute LIMIT!!!

cat protecting her young
Imagine, being 'told off' by your cat! What is the world coming to?

cat on lounge chair

And what does happen when you discover there is no room for YOU!?

cat hiding in sink
Well, this is what happens... you also discover they are the most loving, darling, crazy animals ever that have personalities and characters of their own and just watching their ridiculous antics makes you calmer and you live longer.
cat on owners head

I am BORG!

You will be assimilated. 

Resistance is futile. 

cat on talking weigh scale
I mean Heck, they even mimic our attitudes and behaviors sometimes...

cat chewing on catnip

But in the end, 

Resistance is Futile

We can't help but love 'em!


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