Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Night A Raccoon Came A-Callin'

Late one night this past week I was curled up in my comfortable armchair beside the patio door with a favorite magazine while my husband was on the computer. A scratching noise came that didn't have the noise of the usual sound the colony cats make when they want in or to request a late night snack. 

I opened the door a crack and peered out into the darkness of the patio - no, there was not a cat in sight, I went back to my book. A short time later and the sound came again, this time more urgent and my husband heard it as well. We both gazed out the screen of the patio door, still not a cat to be seen. We looked down and low and behold:
young raccoon at a window
This little guy was glazing up at us! Please, do you have something you can spare for me?
Opening the door a crack,
young raccoon with his paw in the door
He thought he'd politely inquire as to whether we could part with a morsel or two...
It took not a moment and I was rummaging through the fridge! He gratefully accepted a wiener (maple leaf, no less) from my hand, tugging it free and...
raccoon taking a weiner through a door

making his way towards the back of the patio to devour it in relative privacy and

raccoon with weiner on patio

away from the colony cats who were taking a decided interest in his wiener!

raccoon and cat

Ultimately, he weaseled me free of three wieners before heading out on his way.

The colony cats that took an interest figured it was better for all to leave his wiener alone. 


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