Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Baby Is BACK!!!

gold home computer button
I got our computer back yesterday and have been busily downloading our programs back into the hard drive. 
computer hard drive

Then I've found all our backup files from the old hard drive and put them into the new documents where I can access them easier. After that, I've had to log into all our emails and save the passwords and such for easier log ins. I've found important documents and files and put them where I can find and print them off. 

My Sailor story is now a  safely printed hard copy and soon other docs will follow that route and be safely filed in the 'real' world. I just have to do my own portable disk back up of everything and update windows, etc, etc.

The computer is working well and fast, I deleted the antivirus they put in and downloaded Norton. Its the only protection system I have ever used and for good reason, its the best! Yes, I ran my scans immediately after, yesterday yet. 
computer geek cartoon

Future Shop must have been extraordinarily busy ~ I found Geek Squad on my computer when I first booted it and had to find my way out of this maze to open Windows. No wonder it took eleven days! But I'd prefer quality work than anything else, especially when it comes to my baby. Through two crashes, one on top of the other, they were able to save all my files!!! Now, that's a feat.

Is this familiar to anybody out there??
a clean house is a sign of a broken computer


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