Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Storytelling Cat - Molly's Tail

Early one morning, a month or so past, I happened to glance out the window to see cows wandering in our yard. I thought 'Hmm, that shouldn't be.' These animals being more powerful than a human, if they had any notion of their strength.... 
the day the cows got out

Seems they got a part of the white fence down far enough to step over it completely and...
They walked into 'Freedom!' Though they had no notion of it.
Yet they were only interested in grass - the grass that looks 'greener' over the fence...

and now, Molly's storytelling starts...

Seems she was out for a wander same as the cows were and came round the corner of our drive just as....
around the corner
My hubby was out putting the fence back together after he coaxed the cows back into their side of the 'greener grass'. Can you see her?

 And then, 
a cat, a fence and a man
taking little interest in what in the world he was doing, banging away with a hammer this early on a quiet and serene Saturday morning, she wandered past him. I can't help but wonder what she'd have done seeing 'Cow Invaders' wandering her turf! She's normally very aggressive towards other cats and especially dogs; so a cow, I don't pretend to know what her reaction would have been. Maybe that's for the best! You think?

So off she continued toward the house....
You'd think she had no interest

Molly waiting
.... only to sit and wait for the hammering and banging to cease; she awaited the arrival of her favorite person in the house, my hubby! Who at the moment was at odd angles with the fence...
Cat by the van
A picture tells a story with less than a couple of words and Molly decided to change her position so she could watch the curious 'goings on' until all the activity stopped and he came in for coffee. At which point, she followed him in. I sometimes pause and wonder whether her ancestry doesn't include a dog somewhere in her pedigree.

Why, you ask?
Molly snuggle



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