Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cat Foods Made From You're Own Larder

Two cats in sunshine
Molly & Sassy
I was employed on the computer early this morning while Molly, Sassy, Emerald and Winston happily dozed, in their own spots of course, by any window to soak up the rare sunshine we have these days. Since they are very much aware of everything I do and every move I make, when I headed for the kitchen it took only a few seconds for each of them to come trailing in to check out what I was up too. After all, they believe they should know exactly what's going on at all times in their house.
I removed the grinder to a chorus of curious meows and yips of expectation, then dug around in the depths of no-mans-land - the fridge - to see what was plotting my downfall because it was left for too long. Sure enough, I struck the dreaded leftovers to add to the raw pigeon I had just unthawed. Yep, I was not disappointed to find chicken, meatballs and a potato or two. That would be just enough for the next batch of natural kitty food. My hubby did the honors with the pigeon that he plucked and gutted for me.

Natural Cat Food, Pigeon
Raw Pigeon, the whole bird
They are small birds so I just cut it in half and ground it up with a bit of water – yes, bones and all; the entire bird! 

Cat Food, Raw Pigeon
Pigeons look a lot like chickens but smaller
I ran it through several times to make sure the bones were ground and rifled through the end product to assess both the consistency and the lack of bone fragments. Having satisfied myself to that end, I deboned the remaining chicken with the skin, fat and jelled juices, threw in the meatballs with two potatoes and ground it all together to form this yummy looking concoction: 

Natural, all meat Cat Food
 consistency of can cat food; all meat
Its quite alright to add a little cooked potato for bulk but I don't add more than two pieces. Put this mixture an air tight plastic container, pop it in the fridge. Combine with canned cat food or serve as is. I know my cats will enjoy the change of venue because I tried them on it first to make sure. Little bits of meat when I was making dinner showed me they would not hesitate. If you try this yourself you will find that they won't eat much at one time, this is because its natural food and fills their tummies for longer periods. It has all the nutrition they need and its 95 % pure meat. It does need to be refrigerated as it will go rancid if left out. 

Cat eating homemade cat food
Emerald enjoying the homemade kitty food

Good Luck and let me know what happens if you decide to do this yourself. I'd appreciate and welcome your comments/feedback.


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