Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Readers Narration

A visitor to my blog told me this story and I wanted to share it with you, verbatim:

Quote: “I don't really have much of a story, we had a white color mini poodle who died then we got three cats from the SPCA . :) We got a Maine-Coon that was about 10 years old, she seemed lonely. :)
So we got a Tux Boy that was only about 1 year old but he was too much energy for the Maine-Coon :)
And then we got a several month old ginger Tabby to play with the Tux as he is very high energy. :)
Our Tux cat is like a dog, he is smart and he nods his head at you to say hello. :) He always gives you a double head nod as a way to say hi. :) It's funny, as he's like a person since people often nod too. :)” End Quote

I decided to see if I could find some pictures of a Maine-Coon and a Tux Boy, here's what I came up with. A Tux is a Tuxedo cat and I didn't realize it but I believe Molly and Boo were Tux's! Go figure, the things you learn huh! 

Maine-Coon Cat with tongue out
Orange Maine-Coon
Pictures of Maine Coons

Tux Cat
Tuxedo Cat
Pictures of Tuxedo cats

Boo, a Tuxedo Cat
Picture of Boo, the baby I lost just last year was definitely a Tux Cat!

Molly, also a tux cat
Molly, Tux Cat!

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