Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its A Molly-Sneak!

I can always tell when Molly is bored, she picks up and plays with the blue plastic ring from a peanut butter jar, happily yowling and chattering to herself while racing after it, getting it lost under the mini carpet in the kitchen or tossing it in the air. 
Other times she amuses herself sneaking up on an unsuspecting Sassy. Its funny to watch as she stealthily picks her time to give Sassy a 'what for' swat and waits to the predictable reaction. 

Cat sneaking
Molly's stealthy sneak on Sassy...

Cat caught sneaking
Sassy's predictable snarl and yip reaction...
Cat fight
...leads to their mutual distrust of each other.

Life is never boring living with 4 cats! 


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