Thursday, February 9, 2012

Observations On Pet Questions I Have Answered

There are a number of question/answer sites online but I joined Yahoo Answers as a way to connect with the blogging community and get more involved. I have been answering questions about pets in general and cats in particular since February first of this year.

Having read the policies and guidelines I try not to be judgemental about the inquiries I select to reply to and make every effort to give the most beneficial responses I can that will help the person asking, as much as possible. I seem to favor query’s concerning animals in distress and owners that are vulnerable and in need of some timely and immediate advice.

My sympathy goes to those members who are requesting advice and being very honest about, perhaps something they did to their pet to cause the animal harm who are now desperately trying to make it right. While other members or just visitors to the site to browse and offer their input are not being sympathetic enough to some of these people, who are genuinely sorry for what has happened. They seem to give some of the worst and most harmful replies they can; even accusations, to the point that the asker adds a notation to their inquiry that such statements are not welcome.

Being new to blogging and the ask/answer site, I am never presumptuous about the person on the other end unless it is blatantly obvious that the subject matter of the question being asked is simply for trolling purposes. I did notice today that several of the questions I was browsing had been deleted, whether by the person or by one of the site moderators, I don't know.

I think it a shame that people refuse to simply follow the policies and guidelines that are meant to make the site the helpful place it was designed to be. No one who has joined the site or who just offers their opinion to what is being requested knows everything; some know far less then others, hence the Q and A. Since its supposed to be a place where you can ask and possibly get the best, most helpful responses you need quickly, shouldn't we all approach this issue with a little more seriousness and with a less judgemental/more concerned attitude by just providing superior assistance and resources? How upset would you be by a coarse or mean-spirited answer to a question you really needed a good, timely response to?


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