Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Cat Collar With Bell Poem

Climbing in the trees
Running on the ground
The birds are safe when they hear the sound;
The jingle of my cat collar with bell.

Cat out hunting

I know my owners
Listen out from the door,
I hear them calling me, more and more.

Orange cat with red collar and bells

I come a running, harken to the sound
The jingle, jangle of my cat collar with bell,
Goes round and round.

Safe in the house
Eating my treat
I soon recline on my very own seat and silence
The tingle of my cat collar with bell.

cat with blue collar and two bells
Up and awake
I've had my nap
I dash about the house with my owners in a flap;
To the chorus of my cat collar with bell.



  1. Thanks. I whipped it up on the spur of the moment after my husband came up with the first verse.


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