Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Update On Sassy

On February 24th Sassy and Winston were spayed and neutered. Sassy hasn't been feeling good over these past 5 days, she's been experiencing some pain and discomfort, though no infection. She also had a adverse reaction to coming out of the anesthetic; the after affects stayed with her longer. 

Orange cat fixed

The whole rest of the day and night of the 24th she was so dopey she couldn't walk straight and kept falling over then laying there until I came and picked her up. I put her back in her carrier to keep her from trying to wander the house. Her ears where too cold and the instructions said to keep her warm because she was unable to regulate her body temperature until the drug wore off completely. I still had to keep her warm over these past few days.

Now its exactly a week later and she has improved enough to play and is resting comfortably. 

Orange cat treat time
Treat time
Her appetite suffered a little but she always was a small and delicate eater. She seems somewhat confused about her treats and usually eats only half of them; its almost like she is losing her taste for these special morsels. She eats them because the other three do so she follows their lead.

cat incision, spay
Incision in Sassy's tummy
This is the incision area and its clean with no infection and healing well. 
I am glad the pain has passed for her and she is starting to feel better. 
This same operation did not affect Molly or Emerald the same way, I believe its because Sassy is such a tiny cat and has never had much weight to her that she suffered more from the post-surgery than they did. 

cat sleeps after spay
nap attack!
So just to let my readers know that Sassy is steadily improving from her surgery and is feeling much better. 


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