Sunday, March 18, 2012

Its A Crow! Its A Raven! ~~~ Its A CAT !!! AGGGG!!!!

The date was March 16th, 2012. The time was during the mid day meal. The cats were napping in the living room when, without warning, Molly, the drama queen started awake... thus waking Emerald, with the princess complex. Both assumed their most expert stalking positions and shrinking to the floor, both tore forwards to the patio door.

raven perched on fence

The objective achieved, the two battle cats peered out the window, their attention at full throttle. Waiting and watching for any movement their heads moving simultaneously together as they glowered at the 'something' that was attempting to invade their territory.
two cats looking out of window
Did you see that?  That what?  I know you saw that!
With twin concentrated efforts they were determined to stare their enemy down! But, what was the enemy and where?  Was it...

cats watching birds
Over there, do you see it now? See WHAT! Well, LOOK!!
A Crow that landed on the patio deck for some leftover cat food?
A Raven that flew just past to see if it could spot the same food?
No, it was...
two cats watching same bird
Oh T-H-A-T!  Its a...

 grey barn cat who came in from the cold.
grey barn cat
P-l-e-a-s-e, I asking nicely?



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  2. I find that birds, in particular scavenging birds, will eat just about anything. So will barn cats, I threw bread out for the bird and the cats ate it! Thank you for your comment Kevin.


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