Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cat Collars with Bells for my Four

With Spring, hopefully just around the corner - that groundhog had better have been right! - I will be getting my four companions, Mollygirl , Sassycat, Emmy and Winny; one and all, cat collars with bells. I rather like this because then I can always 'hear' where they are even when I can't see them. 

Spring flowers and butterflies
Spring is in the air in spite of the snow on the ground! I'm soooo Optimistic.
Sound like a plan for Spring?  Thought so.

Black cat with collar and bell
Its good to know where they are by hearing that trusty jingle
If any of you have some suggestions as to the type of cat collar with bell you favor, I'd love to hear from you in my comments box. 


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