Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't Chapter 2

Peculiar sensations sweep over him as he infiltrated the wood. There was an instantaneous sense that he was somehow removed from where he had been; that he was somewhere in-between. The woods were enveloped by a blue haze not unlike the fog that overtook the town. It seemed to be nighttime in the woods; there was a full, glowing moon riding high in the sky above him. Sailor crouched low to the dry ground and listened to the sounds of evening approaching him. A chill breeze was the first thing he felt, then an owl hooted overhead and he could follow the soft sound of wings on the air, a bird reaching its nest perhaps. In the rustling sounds of leaves scraping dry earth he spotted a mouse coming out of hiding to forage. All around him Sailor could hear the familiar sounds of night creatures emerging at their usual and correct time at dusk. Yet the town he'd just left was in daylight; the beginning of the day not the end of one. Up on his paws he gained a high tree branch and gazed out past the tree line. What he beheld next both shocked and terrified him!

moon and trees in blue haze


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