Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tomorrow Is Soon Enough

May 12, 2012 ---

Alicia and Tim, a couple
Alicia and Tim
My niece is married today. A brand new part of her life has just opened up and it will be very different from living single and being the only one responsible for working to make it on her own. She has married in time, in her early 20's and has time for children, time to build a family of her very own and to meet the challenges marriage brings. There are more pros than cons, she is no longer alone on life's road, she has a life partner who will support and help her, she has someone to share with and confide in... and he has the same in her. 

Both work; she's a nurse and he is in banking so they have established, excellent careers that will see them through financial difficulties. They are hugely fortunate that way ~ if only we all had that advantage. 

She grew up in the church and has traveled a good deal on missions to Africa, Australia, China and the Congo just to name a few. He has also gone on mission trips. Now that they have that 'wandering and seeing the world' satisfied, they can settle into married life more comfortably. 

It does bring to mind all the things that I could have/should have done, long before I was married; its a reminder that hindsight has no advantage in the present because it only provides a viewpoint from what has already transpired and cannot be changed. But it does offer up one benefit, perhaps the only one if we are willing to learn from our past and ask yourselves what can we do right now; what can I do differently at the moment, in our present circumstances and situations that will lead to the outcome we want or need; perhaps deserve, to have happen. If we are able to learn prudence, sacrifice and economy we may yet have a chance. 



  1. Congratulations to your niece on her wedding day! May they both have a happy and prosperous life and be a great example to others.


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