Monday, June 18, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't Chapter Two

The Town

With his eyes still closed he could smell smoke. Then the noise broke in on him but Sailor didn't move, nor did he open his eyes. His breath came fast and his heart pounded in his chest. Horses whinnied and shined in this place, he heard the baying of sheep somewhere and loud bells were tolling. Sailor cocked his head as he listened; he could make out the peculiar sound of wagon wheels slipping on cobblestones as the wagons were being drawn by horses and the ring of hammers against wood. Everywhere was the busy sound of people; people shouting, people calling out, people talking and was that a pig's squeal?! 

It had rained here too. Not only could Sailor hear people and animals slosh through puddles but he could smell the rain above the tainted smells coming off the river. He sensed he was somewhere up high above the stink of the town because a breeze brushed his whiskers; he unclosed his eyes and what he beheld was a bustling and industrious medieval town; one that he Recognized! 

Eyes wild with astonishment, Sailor sat up and gazed round him. He was sitting on castle walls! A huge rampart that seemed to encircle the entire town! There were gaters or watchmen walking along the narrow palisades carrying spears and peering over the walls to the dirt road below where a huge iron gate was swung wide. A gatekeeper was checking wagons and talking to people desiring entrance into the town. The gators acknowledged his presence but took no further interest in Sailor as he walked the bulwark, gazing at the activity in the town below as he went.
medieval town


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