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I found two candied peel recipes on the net, both very similar in method. Here's mine in pictures

cut orange for the peels

Wash and peel fruit.

boiling lemon peels

Place peels in COLD water and bring to a boil, time at 2 minute intervals and do this 3 times, for a total of 3 blanchings.

boiling orange peels

I used oranges and lemons and kept them separate.

drain lemon peels after 3rd blanching
Third blanching

After the third blanching, drain well...
cut away the pith from a blanched orange
Cut off the pith

and cut the pith off to about 1/4 inch (its ok to leave a little more on)

4th and 5th blancing of lemon peels
Fourth and 5th blanchings

Pour in more cold water and blanch 2 more times @ 2 minute intervals. Doing this removes the bitterness from the peels.

Cloudy Candied Peel Syrup
Bring to a boil 4 cups sugar, 2 cups distilled water and 2 tbsp Lemon Juice. 

I doubled this because I had two sets of peels to do.
Amber Candied Peel Syrup
Clear with an Amber color  

It looks like this until it boils and becomes:

All this looks like a great deal of work, in reality just cutting the peels off the fruit took the most time so far.
four pots on four burners of a stove
All four burners goin' at once...
syrup poured on prepared orange and lemon peels

Pour the syrup over the prepared peels
simmering peels in syrup

Simmer for an hour on low heat, uncovered. 

Cover and let sit overnight in the syrup.
candied orange peel just out of syrup

The peels have taken on a transparency. 
drain candied peels
Let drain for a few minutes, saving the syrup

Now we come to the 'gooey' part! 

dredge candied peels in sugar 
Take each peel and wipe off the syrup with your fingers, then dredge them in sugar...

candied and sugared peels

and set them on a rack. The peels are easier to handle after coating.

And into the oven they go! @ 200 F for about 4 hours to dry ~*~ checking frequently so they don't burn. 

I placed the racks as high above the element as I could to ensure no burning.
After 6 hours drying in oven they were still pliable until removed, when they became hard and chewy.

Doing this the first time taught me a few things that I'd do differently the second time. 
  • I'd limit the oven time to 4 hours instead of six because that would be all they need ~ my thinking here is that they will be less hard and more chewy with less drying time.
  • Of course another option would be to leave them out to dry naturally but that could take 24 hours to complete, longer if the weather is damp and you'd have to have a fairly warm house.
  • I'd leave a tiny bit more pith on the peels than the 1/4 inch ~ this affects the end result.
You can do this with any citrus fruit, including grapefruit. Its worth a try to see if you like them and they are wonderful to put into a nice jar with a fancy lid and give as gifts for any occassion
Note that they are not a treat that you can sit and eat ten at a time, so they will last when stored in an airtight container. 



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