Saturday, March 3, 2012

!! This Is Totally AWESOME !!

Have you ever watched the tv series 24 where terrorist things happen and are prevented all in the space of one hour episodes that make up a day in the life of? I confess to having watched it myself but couldn't get into it. Perhaps I would have if I`d known about this. There was one scene that top military officials in the United States objected to so strenuously that, on the basis that it jeopardized national security no less, the scene was cut and never aired. What was it? It was this:

Deleted Episode TV Series 24
Deleted episode from TV Series 24
And if you look really closely this cat is wearing a cat collar with bell and its red!  Seems just a little silly doesn't it?  Or does it, given the history of the military's use of cats during wartime. Like this picture taken during the Vietnam War with kitty leading the troops. 

Vietnam War and cat
Do you see the Siamese?
Apparently cats proved to be extremely adept at navigating the unfamiliar terrain of a foreign country. 

A program dubbed, appropriately enough, Cats - was born during the crisis of the Second World War and was highly instrumental during the Normandy invasion.

Normandy Beach and kitty
US Troops landing on Normandy Beach, with kitty paddling along side! 

It remains unclear just what role these war time cats played and the US military isn't sharing this information but I'm sure they helped the moral of the troops in a significant way.  

Is this cool or WHAT!

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