Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is This What It Takes???

How many people are still finding themselves alone and reaching their mid years? Its a very lonely road to walk by yourself. Always being the one to depend on and always being responsible for everything; its not an easy road to take despite what passes for what we call 'freedom' today. This freedom has a limited shelf life and it comes with high consequences if ignored or left for too long. The repercussions for marrying too late in life come in the form of childless marriages because you literally missed your chance or losing a partner too early and there are the financial considerations that being too close to retirement can bring or having too much debt to manage. My father once told me that the greatest risk to a marriage was money problems; its certainly up there with the top 5. Despite them, marriages in such circumstances can work and likely work better than most because both spouses fully realize what they have found and are grateful for this singular chance that they finally have.
women looking
You're right! This isn't you. They are models in an advertising campaign
We have a friend in exactly that position; yet another who doesn't show the slightest interest in settling down. So much depends on the choices we make or don't make, as the case may be. Hindsight is an unfortunate consequence of life that we just don't learn in time to see the value of finding a life companion sooner. Some are lucky enough to find someone early on but, for the most of us it can be a long journey fraught with all manner of confusion; sometimes difficulty and heartbreak. Then there are those who almost miss their chance altogether and don't find that sidekick until its close to being too late.
They are models too, just more believable ones
Now consider the other side of the coin. The flash relationships that happen at the speed of light these days, the bar scenes and the online dating; lets not forget the escort and phone services out there. Just who is on the other side of that phone line you are talking to? And  who is responsible for the concept of speed dating?  How in the world are you supposed to even get to know someone using any of these methods??  It is to be asked: How serious are we taking this?

man, husband, hubby
My Hubby, Merrill
Well, I can vouch for one. I met my husband through an Christian online dating service and after months of exchanging emails with a lot of toads then deciding to answer the very last email I received before I threw in the towel ~ forever; I met my husband to be. What are the odds?!  

Does it work?  Depends. On you, on the service you chose, on the quality of people that joined the site... 

Is it worth the try?  Depends. You have to be dedicated to finding someone and willing to talk to toads to find a possible prince. 

In my case, I found a prince who became my knight within a few months and when I was at the end of my proverbial rope. You have to 'hang in there' as the old cliche goes and be willing to go the distance to find someone.

Like I did.


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