Monday, April 30, 2012

Aspects Of An Anniversary

What do you do for your anniversary?   Somehow Merrill and I started going out for an anniversary dinner to a favorite or new restaurant. We started this due to our finances; like everyone we have bills that eat up our paychecks and debt to pay down so it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. Remember, I'm not talking McDonald's here; nice place but even Timmie's is an improvement on a special occasion. Before we moved to Prince Edward Island two years ago; its been two years, eight months the end of May, coming up but am I counting??  Anyway, since we moved here from our beloved Alberta where we had a favorite place we'd go that this island sorely lacks. There is no replacing a good Buffet!  There is one here but once was enough at the price they charge for what you get in return.

The first aspect is how you chose to celebrate your anniversary and since anything goes within reason, there are no set rules. From dinner out, a movie, a night on the town, dancing, a weekend getaway if you can afford it, exchanging gifts. Maybe you can farm out the kids to a neighbor or grandparents... Better yet, get them to clean the house while your gone!

various gift cards

If you're like me, kinda like with Christmas, you plan for it well ahead of time. To that end here is one thing that I do to make it more special. Say you have some spare cash (HA!) excuse the laugh, I'm still working on that part. 
Ok, so you know those gift cards you see in every store that is allowed to carry them, every time I can afford it I invest in one, from my favorite stores of course, I purchase. Then I tuck them safely away and more often than not, forget they exist. Then something comes up and I go on a hunt for them. I try to do this, once every month and for a sizable amount like 50 bucks to make it worthwhile as, lets face it, $10 even $25 just doesn't count for much anymore. But, I have to say that when it comes from a friend or family member, it is very much appreciate.

bunch of gift cards
Are you a coupon clipper?  I've become one but, I go online to my favorite stores and new stores that I find and get my coupons that way. Always making sure that its a worthwhile item, at least something I'd actually buy and the expiration date is not too close to hand. Sometimes one can come across a good spa deal or gym promotion if one is keeping an eye out. Sounds ridiculous ~~ a coupon to get the vehicle fixed for half price will mean a great deal to hubby!  A free hair cut and style will literally make a new woman out of the Mrs's, especially around Spring ~~ the time when we get antsy and run after any change that presents itself. 

gift card for you

If nothing else, hand your spouse a gift card and send them shopping!  No worry ~ no guilt, you've had it paid for months ago and you where lucky to find it again!!  Might as well use it, its money already spent anyway. Remember when you actually enjoyed such things before you got in the habit of counting the pennies in your purse??

Enjoy, guilt free!


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