Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sailor and the Ruined Castle, Con't

Autumn flight of birds
In the distance lay the town he had tried to integrate into and make his home. But it was daytime! Blue sky held a radiant sun; the day was aglow with warmth and light. Not unlike the environment of his dreams. Sounds of people shouting and the noise of a busy village reached his ears; if he listened closely enough he could hear the sound of the ocean waves. He pictured the harbour and the bustle of activity that was now occurring on the wharf and it was with a fervent longing to be there, among the fishing boats and the tide he so loved... Sailor leapt down from the tree branch and tore through the woods that enclosed him. He knew where he wanted to be and it was no longer in this blue, night-shrouded forest. 

fantasy forest


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