Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Value and Importance of Adopting Rescue Cats - Part 3

Maya has her story to tell you:

Maya and her siblings, rescue kittens
The ‘cutie’ in the middle is Maya.
                             MAYA: The Adventurous Girl

I went to the mall one day and by the end of the day, Maya had joined the family. I adopted her Thursday May 10th 2012, through the Animal Assistance Group. She was only 9 weeks old then, now she is about 15 weeks old and she is also kitty litter trained. I was told that someone went into the Pet Value Pet Store here in the Sault (Sault Marie), with 4 kittens in a bag and just left them in the store without telling anyone. Some time later, the clerk noticed a tiny head pop out of the bag. She  investigated the bag and to her surprise there were 4 very tiny, sick kittens in the bag.

Once the kittens were checked by the vet and given the proper medicine to recover the kittens were placed in Foster Care because they had no mother and were just too young to be adopted out.

Recovered and were up for adoption along with her siblings is Maya.
Maya, rescued kitten
Maya, abandoned in a paper bag and left in a Pet Store.

Maya at home now. She also will be spayed this November 2012.

Although Maya is very small for her age, I think she was the ‘runt of the litter,’ she is full of energy and she investigates anything that moves. She just loves to cuddle up to you with a purr that could melt anyone’s heart. Sasha and Maya have really ‘bonded’ and you wont see one without the other. Now she is attempting to win Xena over and it looks like she is winning her heart to. From the moment Maya came into our home, she just made herself right at home as if she had always been there.

I had not planned on three cats but it seems that each one of these cats made their way into my life and they are here to stay because I couldn’t part with any of them now. Seems they ‘all’ were ‘throw away kitties’ but I believe that EVERY animal born has a reason and a purpose for being here. My life is richer for having these three cats and they all are loved and cherished.

Even the vet remarked that all my cats were ‘very contented’ cats!

All my cats get along perfectly and they are all ‘bonding.’ My cats are indoor cats only and they never give me any kind of problems. If you have your cats fixed they are very good in the house.

They all have had a rough start in life but they found a home where they are loved and safe. I only wish that all cats were as lucky as these ones. And that people think before they carelessly abandon any animal on the side of the street or in a bush and  realize that animals have a purpose too in life and that there are people who really want those abandoned cats. 

These are three stories my cousin wanted to share with my readers and visitors. We both, sincerely hope that Xena, Sasha and Maya and all the other kittens and cats that I have managed to rescue, tame and re-home, have inspired some love and concern for strays, throw-aways and the lost that come round your neighborhoods and doors begging to be let in or for a small morsel of food.


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