Friday, June 29, 2012

Update For ~ Kijiji Ad # 392154507

I really must celebrate my readers and visitors!!
new home for rescue cat
This sad looking fella, who hails from Nova Scotia, has a NEW HOME on Prince Edward Island thanks to a Blog, a Kijiji Ad, three people who care and a family who wants him!
Can you believe, I was out shopping but my husband answered the phone for a brand new home for this cat!!!

As of Sunday, July 1st ~ he has a FOREVER HOME.

Thank you, to absolutely everyone, who took the time to read the Kijiji Ad and/or my Blog about him.

I and my contact in Nova Scotia, are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to all of you. My contact and her friend will be on the lookout for him to bring him to the island and to his new home.

Most especially, a SPECIAL THANK YOU to the happy family who has adopted him and offered him a loving home.


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