Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Baby ~~ Winston

Winston - King of the Cat Tree

This is Winston. He's my only male among three females ~ all fixed and he's my Baby!

He is also quite a unique character...
Winston and Molly 

Winston and his mother, Molly...
when she isn't reproving him with a bat to the ear or a whack on the head for some imagined offense or just because its Tuesday.
Winston and Molly nap

A winter days slumber on the old rocking chair.

Winston naps in the cat cage

This, I have no explanation for! 

He's just 'Winston'

Winston napping in a blanket

Is it morning yet?  Or... What do you mean its Monday, what happened to my day off, Sunday?
Winston's favorite blanky

Winter's day nap.

Winston on a March morning

Back in March, we had a nice day and this was as far as Winnie was going to enjoy the great outdoors ~ and that, was that!

Winston, morning stretches

So, how many cats to you know who habitually lay like this?

pass the butter please
 Winston, inquiring after butter for his morning toast. Where's my Toast??
Winston sitting primly on the stove

Winston suspects someone is on top of the fridge
 Winston strongly suspects someone, who is not a family member, is on top of the fridge...

Winston peering at the moon
I have a plastic covering over the window so Winston can't climb up. Instead he's investigating an unusually bright orb in the night sky. Oh, what can it be???

These are only a few reason as to why he's my baby!


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