Friday, February 17, 2012

Stray Cat Poem

This was written by by Zachariah Atteberry of Hannibal, Missouri.

Multi Colored Stray Cat
She was thrown away and found again...
The cat in the picture is a cat one of my friends rescued. She was found in a ditch in a trash can (that's really what its coming to these days!).

Well they gave her a good home.
 Fore When I grow old   
I shall become a stray
To live the mournful life,
As a cast-a-way.

Abandoned like all the rest
buried like past in the sand
I will surely remember the past
As I leave paw prints in the land.

Shipwrecked away far from my home
I meow, with a fellow purr at the door
they now have a kitten all cuddly and warm
A younger cat, for them to adore.

We grow old and dusty
Thrown away like trash
Why do I still ponder...
I figure I might as well crash.

I still wander this land
One day soon to depart --
I leave paw prints in the sand
Perhaps... for another human to take heart.


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